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In today’s fast paced, information overloaded and over-stimulated world, embracing calmness, mindfulness and coziness have become a rare experience. Because of this, we have become disconnected from ourselves, which sometimes causes internal struggles. It is time to slow down and create calm and cozy lifestyle to re-discover the beauty within and around you. 

When I was stuck in my life's hustle and felt disconnected from myself, I curated few handmade, eco-friendly elements to bring in a shift to embrace calmness in my life. I implemented these in my home. Slowly, my family, friends and acquaintances alike, started recognizing a sense of calm, peace and coziness when they entered my home. 

I used to share my stories, ideas and products that I hand crafted with my friends and acquaintances and it seemed to benefit them as well. That’s when I realized it could benefit everyone and thus I founded C'est Calme.


At, you can find eco-friendly, vegan, environmentally conscious and handcrafted products. My goal is to make your ordinary day extraordinary by promoting calmness, coziness and mindfulness through my products.

This is my true passion project. This means there are no promotions, no active social media marketing and no gimmicks. My products sell only through word of mouth of satisfied customer.


My philosophy is “True happiness comes from a calm mind”. 

My goal is to curate products that bring calmness and coziness to your life.

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