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How to Turn Your Shower Into a Power Shower

Showering is typically perceived as a basic everyday task — but have you ever considered transforming this mundane task into a time to reset your mind through daily affirmations? Instead of looking at your showers as another thing to check off your to-do list, you could view your showers as a time to slow down and be present in the moment. Showers are also the best time to reflect and reframe our habitual thinking patterns because most distractions are subsided. The term power shower is used to describe the showers where we take the time to practice mindfulness, gratitude, and engage the senses. Here are some affirmations you can say internally or out loud during your shower to turn it into a power shower that makes you feel present and fulfilled:

“I’m using this water to wash away anything that isn’t serving me.”

When you first enter your next shower, try beginning your time with this statement. While the dirt on your body certainly isn’t serving you, there are likely other things in your life that aren’t serving you. Imagine that the water running down your body is washing away anything that isn’t serving you — whether it’s negative thoughts, self-doubt, or unhealthy daily patterns. If you’re comfortable with closing your eyes, you may find that you can visualize the things that aren’t serving you washing down the drain.

“I feel fresh, beautiful, and alive.”

You are beautiful, fresh, and alive. You may find that this affirmation is most beneficial when using body soap during your shower, as it cleanses the body and helps us connect to our senses. People tend to choose soaps based on fragrance since certain scents make us feel refreshed and relaxed (check out our various vegan soap bars to find which scent appeals to you).

“I thank my body for everything it does for me.”

Your body has supported you throughout your entire life. It has carried you through your best days, worst days, and everything in between. It’s empowering to acknowledge everything your body has done and will continue to do for you. When you tell yourself that you love and appreciate yourself, it creates a deeper mind-body connection that is really powerful.

“As I shower, I am resetting my mind and body.”

We all need time to decompress — and the shower is the perfect time to do so! It’s helpful to hit the reset button after a long day or before a long day ahead because it allows you to center yourself, slow down, and live in the moment.

Whether you prefer to shower in the morning or at night, you should consider this a sacred time to reset your mind and body.

Powerful Affirmations = Power Showers

C’est Calme encourages you to be present, connect to your senses, and reset your mind through affirmations to transform ordinary showers into power showers. While the affirmations we provided are a great starting point, we encourage you to dig within to find affirmations that feel empowering to you. You may find that different affirmations are more powerful for you — and that’s okay! Your power shower is meant to be a time to reset through practicing gratitude and affirmations beneficial to you.

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