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Love Yourself Through Your Glow Up

We all have areas we’d like to improve in our lives — but glowing up isn’t about wanting to change an aspect of yourself because you hate it. Here at C’est Calme, we want to encourage you to make any small changes or significant transformations rooted in self-love. Glowing up should be about loving yourself enough to know you’re worthy of giving yourself the life you deserve. We want you to understand that while everyone is at a different point in their journey, everyone is still a work in progress. It may look like people are doing better than you, but everyone has their own struggles. The best way to create positive, permanent change is by understanding your worth — you deserve to work toward the best version of yourself with love and gratitude. Here are some ways you can practice self-love as you are creating your skincare routine:

Focus on the Positives

We want to encourage you to accept and love yourself as you are before embarking on your journey toward transformation. Glowing up isn’t about hating yourself and wanting a change — it’s about loving yourself enough to improve yourself.

Instead of looking at yourself in the mirror and focusing on what you might consider a flaw, we invite you to shift your mindset by focusing on the positives. Don’t drink water because you think you have bad skin — drink water because you know your skin deserves to be hydrated and healthy! We encourage you to use our products because you know that you deserve luxurious products that keeps your skin feeling amazing, not because you think your skin looks dull and dry.

Put Down Your Phone

You’re not alone if you feel self-conscious when scrolling through social media. Social media culture can be toxic, with many people presenting the best version of themselves at all times. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your seemingly perfect TikTok or Instagram feed, we invite you to put down your phone. It’s not productive to compare yourself to other people! Try putting down your phone a little more often — so you can be more mindful and present during your glow-up!

Practice Positive Self-talk

One of the most beneficial ways to practice self-love is being more mindful of your thoughts. Try practicing positive self-talk by telling yourself positive affirmations in the mirror right after waking up each day. While it may sound strange to look in the mirror and talk to yourself at first, saying simple things like “I love my skin” and “I love myself” will direct your mind to treat yourself with more love.

It’s Time to Glow Up Inside and Out

If you’d like to glow up in 2022, please remember that the best glow-ups involve aligning the mind and body. If you’re going to prioritize your skin health and create a skincare routine, do it because you feel you’re worthy of the fantastic health benefits. When you feel a difference on the inside by changing your mindset — you’ll glow up on the outside, too!

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