Hydrating Natural Body Lotion Bar

Hydrating Natural Body Lotion Bar


This is a zero-waste, vegan and 100% long-lasting luxurious body lotion bar. 

This is extremely hydrating 100% natural body Lotion Bar. It's sustainable, plastic Free, Palm Oil Free, Vegan, Plant Based, Eco-Friendly 100% Compostable and Zero Waste

This lotion bar is specifically formulated with luxurious lavendar essential oils and mango butters, targetting dry and sensitive skin, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. Our simple ingredients leaves skin with a pleasant, long-wearing fragrance that lingers long after application.


This lotion bar is made with all-natural mango butter which do not dry out and gives you a moisturizer that will last a long time even with daily use.


This lotion bar is very simple to use. Simply warm the lotion bar between your hands and gently massage into hands, cuticles, elbows, and heels, or wherever moisture is needed.


This is a perfect option for home, office and travels as well.


High end but simple Ingredients:



Sweet almond oil

Mango butter

Candelilla wax

Vitamin E

Lavender Oil


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  • Vegan, and 100% all natural lotion bars

    Zero Waste, Vegan, 100% all natural lotion bars

    ● Made with all natural ingredients
    ● Products sourced from USA 
    ● No carcinogens or harmful toxins
    ● Never tested on animals
    ● Alcohol-Free & Non-GMO


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